Sandra Bullock went out for dinner last night in London. She’s in Europe to begin promoting The Heat, her new movie with Melissa McCarthy, opening June 28. I really, really want to see it. I really, really want it to be good.

McCarthy told Entertainment Weekly recently (April 19/26 issue) that even though initially she would not be able to fit The Heat into her schedule, she wanted to work with Sandy so much, she said, “For the love of God, there’s basically no way to turn that down”. And the result? According to Sandy:

“At the end of the day, we made what I feel like is the greatest love story I’ve ever done.”

I believe her.

The Heat was directed by Paul Feig who brought us Bridesmaids. But, perhaps more optimistically, it was written by Katie Dippold who works on Parks & Recreation. You know when I wrote the other day in my review for Man Of Steel -- click here for a refresher -- that I loved Amy Adams’ character because she loves her job and I wish more movies would feature women who love their jobs? Here’s what Feig said about what attracted to him in the script for The Heat:

“I just like the idea of the problems of two professional women who love their careers and aren’t looking for a man or looking to be married or looking to be saved.”

And that can be funny?!?

Please let it be funny.

But also... even if it’s not funny... please let it make money. Is it more important that it makes money? If it makes money, it means there’s an audience and we can keep trying. Come on, audience.

Or, you know, whatever. Melissa and Sandy had a great time.