Last November it was confirmed that Sandra Bullock would be heading up a female version of Oceans Eleven. Will the men protest this like they have been the Ghostbusters movie? Interestingly, TIME posits that those protests are one of the reasons Ghostbusters is the most anticipated upcoming movie release. Excellent.

As for Sandra’s Ocean's, rumour has it they’re going to call it Ocean's Ocho, so 8 women instead of 11, led by Sandra, with Cate Blanchett in the Brad Pitt Rusty Ryan role, and Mindy Kaling and Helena Bonham Carter are also on board. Definitely none of the names I had on my list initially but I don’t hate it. And there are still four more spots to fill. It’s the plot that I have questions about.

So, right now, the speculation is that Sandra will play Danny Ocean’s sister, also a charming ex-con, obviously. Sandy and her crew have beef with a gallery owner and the plan is to steal a necklace from the Met Gala to frame the nemesis. Here was my initial reaction, and I need help with this: why did the guys get to rob a casino and the lady thieves are all about ball gowns and fashion parties? And then my secondary reaction was like… well, f-ck, why can’t women be in movies featuring style, fashion, and fun without being accused of being derivative?

Please tell me how to feel. It’s Friday and I’ve run out of decisions.