This, as noted by my friend Sasha, is kinda figure skating styles. Also an Alexander McQueen. Fitting too because on Saturday night, the US Figure Skating Championships were decided. Christina Gao: there may be a new Michelle Kwan for me next year. If she develops according to plan, this girl will be a champion for a long, long time.

Oh sorry, see what happens when figure skating happens?

Back to Sandy B – so on its own, the dress, don’t particularly care for it. Her body however looked amazing in it. On those grounds, it really can’t be that bad. I mean, if something flatters you, how can you hate it? And how can you hate her?

The Blind Side wasn’t the strongest. It certainly can’t stand up next to the other women who will surely be nominated in the Best Actress Oscar category. Like Gabby Sidibe, and Helen Mirren, and Carey, and of course La Streep. But like Betty White before her, everybody loves Sandy B. Especially when her acceptance speeches are so adorable. SO adorable.

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