I LOVE the cut of this suit. The shoulders, especially. And how the jacket sits on her chest. Sandra Bullock looks SO good. It’s just... a shame... that once again we come back to the material. See how this material turns a McQueen fit into something from the holiday clothing section of Express? Not that I don’t love Express. Of course I love Express. But Express on a red carpet? Express when it’s really Alexander McQueen? It should be the other way around. An Express that looks so good it could be McQueen is one thing. A McQueen that looks so cheap it could be Express is another matter entirely.

I know the temptation of this material, satin or sateen, I don’t give a sh-t, when you’re standing in a dressing room without the benefit of a thousand lights. But these people, these famous people who get their pictures taken, oh my God, how hard is it to screen test an outfit?