Sandra Oh hosted the Genie Awards last night – Canada’s Oscars. As you can see, she’s been dressing lately like total ass. Big winner was Sarah Polley’s Away From Her but as you might have heard, much of the build-up going in to last night was the omission of Juno from consideration.

Jason Reitman had angrily posited that Juno was declared ineligible because the picture was not Canadian-funded even though it boasted a Canadian director and Canadian stars, not to mention Canadian production crew etc. It has since been clarified however that Juno was not nominated because it was simply never entered into competition. The Academy’s position is that the film could not have been declared ineligible if there was never anything to consider in the first place.


Love Sarah Polley but have no idea what she’s wearing. Only Gwen Stefani can get away with that sh*t. And barely at that.

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