It’s been, what, 3 years since Atonement? She’s like a new person. And her face has changed too, non? I used to think Saoirse Ronan looked exactly like Chloe Sevigny. It’s becoming less and less, now almost not at all.

When we were prepping for the Oscars that year, it was all over our etalk research binders. The pronouncer. Directly from her publicist, sorry if you already know, this is for those who don’t:


Beautiful Saoirse, still only 15, arrived at the London premiere of The Lovely Bones last night styled perfectly in a gorgeous grey dress, and the shoes and the grace and poise… to meet Prince Charles.

A few months ago I reviewed a book called The Outcast. Loved it so much. I have a friend, she shall remain nameless, who picked it up a month ago and had to hide in the bathroom at work to finish off the final 30 pages. Click here to read the article. At the time I’d suggested the girl from The Golden Compass for Kit. No. Saoirse Ronan IS Kit.

But right now Saoirse is Susie Salmon. All year The Lovely Bones has been considered a contender. Months and months ago, even before the film was complete, on Peter Jackson’s reputation, it’s been talked about as a lock for a Best Picture nominee. With ten slots now open, this is almost a probability.

As a fan of the novel however, I hated the trailer. So much. And the reviews so far have been mixed at best. Even Baz Bamigboye, not usually harsh with his criticism, called it a disappointment. Both Variety and the Guardian have labelled it a “cold” work. And this is what worries me. Reviews are subjective, but the consensus seems to be that Jackson has taken away the heart of the story, the emotional core that made The Lovely Bones so deeply affecting, and turned it into what the Hollywood Reporter is describing as “melodrama-cum-revenge thriller”.


Because that’s not the book I read.

THR goes on to describe the film as follows:

Peter Jackson transforms Alice Sebold's startling, unique novel about the aftermath of a terrible murder into a story more focused on crime and punishment.

Of course, of course, we must wait to see it for ourselves. Peter Jackson is a magician, am hoping that they are wrong, am hoping that they are writing out of their asses. But I worry too.

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