Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning… not all the young ones are skank ones. Add Saoirse Ronan to the list. She is 15, currently on a major promotional tour for The Lovely Bones, showed up in New York last night perfectly styled and has, in fact, been perfectly styled all the way through. Poised and serene, there’s still a freshness there and an innocence too; illusory or not, as least it’s believable. And her bits aren’t hanging out everywhere.

Saoirse dresses more demurely than 9 year old Noah Cyrus.

Here she is last night with her Lovely Bones co-stars and Peter Jackson. And in Madrid and Berlin earlier this week.

Am attaching videos too – of Saoirse at the Oscars on the carpet, just 13, and a couple of weeks ago in London for the premiere. It’s a great comparison. Especially interesting, in the second clip, her explanation about why she’s homeschooled, what she’s learning, contrasting Joe Wright and Peter Jackson, and her character analysis of Susie Salmon. Worth the 5 minutes.

Saoirse Oscars

Photos from Wenn.com and Michael Murdock/Splashnewsonline.com