I know. It’s one of my common refrains. That there is an art to cutting movie trailers and most of the time, Hollywood doesn’t give a sh-t. Which is why when a really, really great one comes along, it’s something to fist pump about.

The film is Hanna, due in theatres in April, starring the always sublime Cate Blanchett and a surprisingly enigmatic Eric Bana. The undisputed centrepiece of the film however is Saoirse Ronan, limitlessly talented. She was wonderfully and naively deceitful as Briony in Atonement but here, as Hanna, Ronan is a badass, and vulnerable at the same time, and frighteningly wicked too. All of that in two and a half short minutes. And the goal of course is to make you want to watch her. I do. Extra a lot. Because if the entire movie is anything close to this trailer, goddamn, she will be extraordinary.

Here are various photos of Saoirse last week promoting The Way Back with my two boyfriends Jim Sturgess and Colin Farrell. Gorgeous. I mean her. If she’s not picked for the Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue this year, they’re dumb.

Photos from Dave Hogan/Ian Gavan/Carlos Alvarez/Eduardo Parra/Pascal Le Segretain/PIERRE VERDY/Gettyimages.com