Saoirse Ronan was in New York yesterday promoting Hanna. As I noted yesterday in the Cate Blanchett post, Hanna opens on Friday and you’re totally seeing it, right?

The star of course of Hanna is Saoirse. And Saoirse’s performance is so impressive, she had Lionsgate on pause on Jennifer Lawrence for Katniss in The Hunger Gamesclick here for a refresher. F-ck if they could only make a reality tv show about auditions and the decisions behind why producers go with one actor over another. Wouldn’t you watch? Wouldn’t you watch so hard? Every episode could be the casting process for a different film. Think of it like that dumbass of a show Say Yes To The Dress that my friend Lorella made me watch one night at 2am (Lorella did great by the way at her Jeopardy! audition – more on this another time) but instead of a crowd of bridewhores salivating over white dresses, it’s casting directors and other industry types debating whether or not a particular performance merits a callback etc. Please. I am all over it. I will in fact invest in it.

As for Saoirse, who turns 17 next Tuesday, here she is at Letterman in adorable blue shoes and then later on at the screening with suuuuuuch a beautiful face. Fascinating how a face develops right? How angles emerge or soften, how cute can, um, become not so cute in adulthood – I won’t name names – and how some girls become exquisite as they remain contained within themselves. I know nothing about Saoirse Ronan beyond her resume. And I really don’t care to. Usually by this time in their lives, her North American counterparts have shown you every f-cking crevice physical and emotional. I like it that, at say 21, I might be able to describe Saoirse Ronan with the word “enigmatic” and there is a good chance that would apply.

Anyway, re: Hanna – I heard from a reader called Sharon yesterday who, that bitch, had tickets for the screening last night. Here’s her unedited review:

So Lainey,
We were very lucky to secure passes to the Hanna screening in New York this evening....the big surprise was that Joe Wright, Eric Bana & Saoirse Ronan were there and got up to say a few words about the film.

The film was non stop from beginning to end, very violent and loud....the soundtrack by the Chemical Brothers kept the tension going, its was def a Cate Blanchett like I'd never seen.....
Saoirse Ronan is amazing, and I kept thinking she has many of the qualities of a young Cate Blanchett.....her face is just magic...she simply draws the viewer in.. And yes I was glad I was worth standing in the rain on line....I needed to get home to walk my dog....but I noticed people were not leaving their seats.....almost as if they were waiting for more...

Over Your Highness. This weekend. Yes?

Photos from and INF