I was happy to see Saoirse on the red carpet, not least because her sort of indomitable spirit somehow managed to treat all of Giuliana’s questions as though they were interesting and exciting. I looked forward to seeing more of her at the show…

This was, of course, not to be.

I don’t totally get this whole method. You get all the beautiful people in a room, how about a cutaway now and again? How about a couple of jokes aimed to get reaction shots from each of your boldface names, instead of just sixteen lobbed at Jennifer Lawrence?

Anyway, it was a little underwhelming. Also underwhelming was the dress, which was a bit serious when compared to other people of her age and profile. She’s 21!!! Not that she didn’t try, but here’s the thing (and she wasn’t the only offender) – when you wear a dress that’s got the nude cut-outs or otherwise is meant to look like it’s made for you, it has to fit, and hers was too big.

None of this is terrible, but it means she won’t be a big name the morning after. Not for the win, not for a moment, not for the dress. It’s not that that’s bad per se (Oscar voting closed on Friday, so this doesn’t affect that), but it’s not what anyone dreams of, right?