Sarah Ferguson is currently promoting on a TV show on Oprah’s network OWN called Finding Sarah: From Royalty to the Real World. She agreed to an interview with 60 Minutes in Australia. This programme is not to be confused with 60 Minutes in America. Australia’s 60 Minutes is way more gossipy. They call it a “sensational” style of journalism but when it comes to matters of Celebrity, they’re the ones who come closest to asking the questions you’d want asked. Which is why during their interview with Fergie, they played for her the video, originally obtained by News of the World, that showed her bargaining for access to her ex-husband Prince Andrew in exchange for cash money. This of course among other reasons is why she’s the shame of the Royal Family. And she hates being reminded of it. So when they ran the footage, well, she stalked off. And, naturally, this is how 60 Minutes is promoting the piece. What else would they do with such a gift?

Was it classy of them?

No, not particularly.

But then again, I don’t give a sh-t even if it’s for Oprah, Sarah Ferguson, once a member of the Royal Family, still the mother of the 5th and 6th in line for the throne, is out there hustling a reality show because she’s f-cked up and blown through her millions. Are you actually telling me that the approach here, when you’re interviewing a REALITY SHOW STAR - that’s what she is now - is to take the royal respectful approach?


The PREMISE OF HER SHOW is redemption after a fall from grace. Isn’t it open season then? Her fall from grace - isn’t it fair game? You don’t get to throw your fancy airs around when you’re working the underground for private meetings with your ex. You don’t get to stomp in VIP styles when you’ve allowed cameras into your home in exchange for a paycheque. You don’t get to demand dignity when you’ve essentially tried to pimp out a prince. What you do is you put your head down and you suck it up.

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