I really, really love the British star system. I wish Canada would encourage a star system. There are stars in Britain who are super, super, super famous there and no one knows who the f-ck they are outside their borders. Like those girls in Girls Aloud. I’m not actually sure how many Girls Aloud there are. You don’t need to answer this for me. It’s quite alright. Just know that one of them was invited to walk the carpet at the BAFTAs. Her name is Sarah Harding. It looks it, non?

Question for discussion: is that the equivalent of those creatures from the Jersey Shore? A few of those were actually invited to the Grammys. I mean… on a night when you have both Beyonce and Rihanna in the house, and Lady Gaga being carried in “egg” form, WHY do we need a Snooki?

More on the Gaga Egg later. Right now, we focus on the BAFTAs. There was some lovely, lovely fashion. And there was some really, really disappointing style. As always, I look forward to reading your comments. I do love it when we fight.

Photos from Wenn.com