I"m flattered to be profiled in this month"s issue of Ego Calgary in the "People You Should Know" section. The magazine is on sale in Calgary now and you can also check it out online at https://www.egocalgary.com/. My thanks to Malwina for the article and to Dean Sanderson for the photo. I looked like absolute total hell that morning and I honestly don"t know how he managed to keep my hawk nose from growing wings and flying away. In spite of Dean"s efforts however, something tells me Karen G probably still thinks I"m hideous and as a result, sent in the best piece of hate mail I have received in a long, long time. Karen reads TV Week, a local television listings magazine that I contribute to here in British Columbia, Canada with a style critique section appropriately called "Celebrity Style". Last week, I ragged on SJP"s tartan-inspired appearance at the Costume Institute gala. My comments were: "I don"t mind the ensemble, especially for the theme of the evening. Besides, I"m too busy objecting to her horse face." Apparently, this didn"t go over so well with Karen who, by the sounds of it, is the witch boil"s biggest fan. Here"s her vitriolic response: "First off I want to say I don"t mind your ensemble for whatever the hell it is that you do,but I"m too busy objecting to your OBSCENELY UGLY FACE. you cow. how dare you insult an icon like sarah jessica parker. learn your place (by the way, in case you didn"t know, your place is in the gutter)" Ummmm...Sarah Jessica Parker a fashion icon??? Dear Karen: Sorry to have to de-virginise your celebrity illusions. Let"s start with the baby steps. Stars have stylists. And stylist pick their clothes. Therefore, most stars are not fashion icons. Have you never heard of Patricia Field? Don"t you own the Sex & The City box set? Fashion icons make their own decisions. People pleasing puppies wear what fashion icons tell them to wear. SJP, I"m afraid, falls under Door #2 - as do most TV girls who want more than they"re worth. Oh and one more thing - Top Gun likes boys. Hope you"re ok, Karen. Let me know if you need any further life lessons. It kills me to know you"re bumbling around out there in amateur gossip territory. Gossip and regards, Lainey