Pretty sure we’re spitting at each other we are fighting so hard over this one.

You’re all like what the f-ck, right?

But go back to the beginning for the word on boring. Boring is much worse than ugly. And besides, is it ugly? Really? I think it’s actually rather pretty. Like the prints at Liberty. I especially love that the shoes match.

Again. I beg you to revisit what the Met Gala is. And why someone like SJP, especially SJP (in Valentino), can’t just show up in Michael Kors and blend in. She once showed up here on the arm of Lee McQueen wearing a plaid cape. I mean, this is where we are, you know? This is an event for show and imagination. It’s an event where you can magnify a trend, warp if it you want to into a caricature and not have to apologise so long as the wearer understands the message. They say it’s all about the print this season.

Well, she certainly gave you print.