Even cheaper than Stella for H&M and Kate for Topshop, SJP’s line of clothing is called Bitten, on sale later this year at Steve & Barry’s – word is nothing over $20. Said Sarah: “Fashion is not a luxury. It’s a right”. Right. In her case, fashion is apparently also a rip-off. As in a fraud. As in she ripped off Patricia Field which makes her a Fraud. Be honest. Was Carrie Bradshaw Carrie Bradshaw because of Sarah Jessica Parker? Or has Sarah Jessica Parker ungratefully and undeservedly accepted and profited from iconic style status without properly crediting the person solely responsible for it? Bitch…please. Because without a doubt, without Patricia Field, SJP would still be horseface with frizzy hair and a witch boil on her chin. Or as MK from DListed likes to call her: My Little Parker Pony. Hee. Here"s Sarah yesterday leaving the announcement. And those shoes? They were cute 3 years ago before Big became The One. But now??? After all this time? Patricia Field would have moved on...see? Source