It’s a big showdown at the box office this weekend - even though Indiana Jones has already made a killing, can Sex & the City put a dent into Indy’s take and possibly wrest the #1 spot away from Lucas, Spielberg, and Ford?

If Vancouver is an indication of everywhere else, the ladies will be putting up a good fight. Friday night showings of Sex & the City are already sold out here and in many other cities, so if you want to avoid seeing the film in an Oprah-audience environment, perhaps a matinee might be the way to go.

Here’s SJP in a rather underwhelming Nina Ricci last night doing her best to placate New York City after premiering the movie in other cities first. Judging by the turnout on her pink carpet though, New York City was very forgiving. It was a star studded event with a Wintour and an Olsen making an appearance.

Still, the belle of the ball, of course, was Sarah Jessica Parker, arriving on the arm of her maybe gaybe husband…because every girl should see Sex with her Main ‘Mo.

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