On the first week of The Social, which was also back-to-school week for kids, we talked about how much money moms have been spending on themselves on the school run. It came out of this article in the Daily Mail that reported that many mothers were planning their outfits in a week in advance…just to drop their kids off at school. Sh-t. You moms are judgy!

Here are two celebrity mothers on the school run today.

First up – Sarah Jessica Parker, in overalls and wedge sneakers. Seemingly casual but then again, how many of you believe she bought all this gear at Target? If I had to guess, I’d say that sweater alone is two bills.

Also today – Katie Holmes after dropping off Suri. Maybe she was heading to a meeting after. That’s quite the footwear happening for so early in the morning and I’m not sure it works with that tweedy blazer. How is this person a fashion designer??? 

Never mind the blogs though. What really matters is what the moms think? What are you saying about SJP and Katie as soon as they walk away?