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So much gold tonight. I mean, hilarious show gold in the form of Ben Stiller and others barely hiding their mock of James Cameron, and in Tina Fey reading action lines from the script of Up, but it's more about the dresses. And while Sandra Bullock’s may or may not have been your thing, it was...inoffensive for the most part. And believe me, I really wanted to give "Worst Golden Mom" to Miley Cyrus's shining example Tish Cyrus who showed off her giant back tats on the red carpet.

But dresswise, it has to go to Sarah Jessica. Because way back in the day when she wore these ridiculous concoctions and was considered a 'fashion maven' she looked giddy at what she was getting away with. "Can you beLIEVE I'm wearing this?" She annoyed some people with her theoretically faux modesty, but at least she was into it.

And now her eyes are tired. She puts on ever more outlandish things hoping that she'll see that spark reflected back in someone else's eyes. A Golden Column?? How insane! How out-of-the-ordinary! She's broken one of her own cardinal rules - not to let the dress wear you. And I'll add one - not to let the dress be your self worth. Because she will be on almost every worst-dressed list but nobody will say "At least she took a risk" because it wasn't that risky.

Do you think he tells her she looks pretty?

(Lainey: no)

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