Last night at the opening of The American Plan on Broadway, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick out together in public for the first time since Star Magazine reported that she’d moved out of their house. Star has been all over their fragile marriage, for once seeming to get it half right last summer on a cover story about Broderick cheating on SJP…with a woman.

At the time, the two made a pained looking public display of togetherness before escaping on family holiday to Ireland.

This time, the denials weren’t immediately forthcoming. Curiously enough, they continued to be seen separately, in her case miserably, for days and in different cities, before stepping out yesterday having obviously overcome a new hurdle. Rumour has it, they were indeed on the brink and she was close to calling it, and starting all over as their arrangement works more for him than it does for her. But for some reason she changed her mind. And so the marriage is intact for now. And here she looks wan but relieved and happy, as is the case when she’s not being ignored.

Maybe this is why Carrie’s gone soft. Why the Sex movies suck. SJP needs to live vicariously through something else…?

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