He was BORED. He looked bored from the moment they arrived, he looked bored up and down the carpet, he looked bored at Vanity Fair, he looked bored because he wasn’t doing what HE wanted. This photo of them touching noses – the man is straight up queasy at the sheer proximity of his wife.

Thanks to GS, there’s a great video that perfectly illustrates Matthew’s indifference. Click here for the clip and skip to about the 1 minute 10 second mark to see Broderick’s expression while SJP is chatting up Melissa Leo. He’s a dick, non?

Or maybe he was just disgusted by what she was wearing?

Holy mother of ass….

When did Carrie Bradshaw become Disney Cinderella??? You all keep calling her a fashion icon. WHY?

Is this iconic???

It’s not just the dress. It’s not just the tulle. It’s not just the amusement park colour. It’s not just the f-cking belt. It’s all of it together ON HER. With those tacky breasts goozing in every direction like some kind of Victoria Beckham clone.

And that hair.


The hair is forming a TRIANGLE.

This is Sex & the City. On regular television with no profanity.

You will note later on though what Marion Cotillard manages to do with a similar creation. Night and day.

Also. Sweet merciful Shiloh – why was she on stage for 5 bloody hours? I can’t listen to her anymore. I can’t listen to her read in that breathy baby voice anymore. Daniel Craig probably couldn’t handle it anymore either.

Photos from Flynetonline.com and Wenn.com

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