Check out his face in the first photo. Says it all, non? I observed them last night on the carpet and it wasn’t like he was any different from the images we usually see of the two of them together. He seemed over it. He seemed ... not so enthusiastic. In sharp contrast to his wife Sarah Jessica Parker who was very animated, very excited, all smiles. I asked her which was her favourite Harry Potter book and she was very cute about answering, “No! No! Don’t make me choose!”

They were with their son James. At one point, Matthew bent down to talk to him right in front of me:

“Now James, what do you think of...”

And then it got too loud because Rupert, Emma, and Dan were signing autographs.

James by the way is SO cute. He was really, really eager to get inside. Kept balling his hands up into little fists and jumping, he couldn’t wait to see the movie. Big Harry Potter fan.

I loved what she was wearing. The whole outfit. It was perfect for the occasion. And most importantly, perhaps, she seemed comfortable. Oftentimes they show up at these things and they look great but you know they’re miserable. She was not miserable. At least not about her dress.

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