But I’m all over everything else.

SJP attended the Mobile Art Chanel Contemporary Art Container opening in New York last night without her husband. He already turned up with her somewhere else a couple of days ago – as such, he’s already filled his monthly quota. Which is why she was left alone to enjoy this enormous Chanel purse sculpture by herself. See the chain straps?

I like the big bunch straps on hers too. LOVE the bag. Love the coat. Love the dress. Love the shoes…

But those legs. Those legs are scary skinny. Especially from behind. Not feeling the hair either. Messy and down would have given it some more edge, to say nothing of hiding the gaunt in her face. For her though, it’s always about the body, right?

And how about those veins? They give Angelina Jolie sh-t all the time for her veins, going so far as to raise accusations of heroin use…

Does SJP use heroin?


She has other problems, other poisons.

Photos from Wenn.com
Post by Lainey