Oprah fans and the MiniVan just squealed.

It’s Carrie Bradshaw, sister idol to a generation of toned down Sex & the City watchers on TBS, re-emerging in New York to shoot the sequel. Because the first one didn’t suck enough.

The heels, the familiar strut, the bony ass legs, and a very soft light, not unlike the light used in the Mighty Opesie’s studio, to make sure Carrie looks nothing like the haggard new mother of twins.

Last time around it was the dress porn that made the movie tolerable. I posted a few exclusive details a couple weeks ago about the script for this film – click here to read. There are also rumours coming out of the UK – translation: not slamdunk – that the girls will be spending some time in London. Whatever. Am most curious how the mute Chinese baby will become a plot device this time.

Meanwhile they’re all apparently hating on each other, (also a dumbass story from England) especially Kim vs SJP because she wasn’t supportive enough when Kim broke up with her boyfriend, and something about Cynthia supposedly being upset with Sarah Jessica because Sarah Jessica won’t do more for the gays. Oh Cynthia. She’s too busy trying to live with her own.

Photos from PPNY / GSNY / Splashnewsonline.com and INFphoto.com