It’s Sarah Jessica Parker’s 50th birthday today. She celebrated last night at the hockey game…

Reading her book.

Jezebel has a hilarious recap of her night, seated behind Tom Hanks and his son Chet Haze (his name might explain her expression) – click here to see.

SJP was there with her son, James, who I think looks like a Culkin. Chill out, I’m not suggesting that he’s a Culkin. I’m just saying his face is a Culkin face, the way you might say that Jessica Chastain has a Bryce Dallas Howard face, or vice versa. And Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel.

Doesn’t he look like a Culkin? Which one?


Or Rory?

The one who was in Signs. I think Rory.

Anyway, in honour of half a century of SJP, a lot of people are talking about her influence on fashion. Or, rather, how her collaboration with Patricia Field influenced fashion. Because it’s kind of unfair to solely attribute Carrie Bradshaw’s style statements to just the wearer, right?

Click here for the Guardian’s Top 10. For me, on this list, it’s the exposed bra. I LOVE the look of the exposed bra.