Sarah Jessica Parker covers the new issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. I love this photo. Because I love shoes. And I love shoe boxes. I love the look of stacked shoeboxes. And the green against the pink is so pretty. And I’ve always wanted to pose like this in a full skirt dress, seated, leaning forward.

Anyway, in the magazine, SJP offers brides her wedding tips. In exchange for her advice, the magazine is promoting her new line of wedding shoes. For her wedding, SJP wore black. She says if she could do it all over again, it would be off-white and Oscar De La Renta. She also says that if you’re in the wedding party, you don’t get to bitch if your bridesmaid dress is ugly:

“It’s incumbent upon anyone who is included in a bridal party to wear what the bride wants—to make it work and not complain. It’s the couple’s day, and it’s an honor to be part of it.”

OK but what if you get an email from the bride like this. Is it still an honour to be part of it? Click here for more of SJP’s wedding thoughts.

As for her shoes…

Here’s what I noticed about her shoes…

You remember the Manolo Blahniks she wore in the Sex And The City movie when Big proposed? The blue satin pumps with the brooch on the toe? The Blahniks and the ones SJP designed are almost the same, right?

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