SJP this morning taking James Wilkie to school more dressed up than usual for the daily routine. James’s hair is starting to resemble his mother’s. Very cute.

Not so cute are his mother’s scrawny legs. They’ve always been scrawny. Like the rest of her. She says it’s simple genetics. That she’s always been a rail.

Oh really?

Have you seen Honeymoon in Vegas? Go back and watch it if you’re ever curious. Back then she had an ass. She was thin and she was fit, but look at her in the white dress. Those are some curves.

I’ve attached a compilation video. Never mind the music. Just note the body. Like it’s completely foreign to her now. Yeah. It totally must be simple genetics.

Because somehow SJP got tiny.

And she’s also been keeping a very, very low profile these days.

Mr Dandy Matthew Broderick on the other hand, well he showed up at the Project ALS benefit gala at the Waldorf Astoria two nights ago all by himself. Sarah Jessica Parker passed up the opportunity to walk the carpet in a special dress at a charity function? But she loves the carpet!

Maybe they couldn’t find a sitter?

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