Sarah Jessica Parker has been awfully visible lately. Maybe because of the weather. It’s warm and sunny in New York and she’s walking her kid to school with a twin attached to her chest as the paps pap away. Last night SJP turned up to support Bravo’s Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, a show she is co-producing. This morning she was back out in a tank top and grey skinnies to take James Wilkie showing off her super lean, super veiny, kinda gross arms that she never gets criticised for because she’s nice to Oprah.

In just 6 weeks of course SJP’s Carrie will return to theatres in Sex & the City 2, in which the girls leave the City – again! – and fanny about in the Moroccan desert as the MiniVan Majority claps euphorically in their bootcut jeans. But Jakey G is messing around in the desert too. Looks like Sex 2 and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time drop the same weekend.

They will tell you of course that it’s an entirely different demographic and that there should be room for both at the box office. But then whoever wins will release a statement saying one trounced the other. So where are you putting your money? Sex or Prince?

Oh and one more thing – spoiler alert.

Ugh. Aidan’s back. I HATE AIDAN.

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