Sarah Jessica Parker is in Australia promoting I Don’t Know How She Does It in the hope that the film will perform better overseas than it did domestically which was sh-t. Like, it hasn’t even cracked $10 million yet.

Today it was an appearance in Sydney. There was a narrow red carpet set up. She was to pose for photos and then move over to a speaking area where she could sit down and take questions. The photographers were specifically instructed to only shoot her at the step and repeat and not anywhere else. Needless to say, there must not have been a very firm publicist handling this event because, by the looks of it, they bumrushed her and shot her however they pleased anyway, resulting in a few very unflattering pictures...which, bless her, she was too kind to protest.

SJP is indeed very polite in these situations. I’ve seen her. I can see her now, knowing the angle sucks, and having to eat it anyway. Mimi would have shut the entire event down, flown in her own interior designer and lighting person and refused to come out until it was all in place to her specifications. Obviously not SJP’s style. These are the times I want to hug her, and beg her to show more of that side of herself. Instead of whatever it is that these horrible movies she keeps making are supposed to offer.

PS. She’s been working these white pumps for a few months now and it’s made me a believer.