I’m sorry it couldn’t be anyone else. It was SJP in 2015 with the headpiece – click here for a refresher. But this year she doesn’t have to share.

I go back to what I wrote in today’s blog intro, because obviously I love quoting myself:

What do you do when you know that everyone will be dressing up like robot mannequins? Do you, too, dress up like a robot mannequin, or do you apply a different interpretation to the theme?

F-ck no. Not if you’re Sarah Jessica Parker. Who’s probably the only person who took the time to actually consider the Costume Institute’s exhibit this year and what Manus x Machina means as it relates to fashion. So she approached Monse with her creative inspiration. And she wrote about it for the New York Times, about her ideas, about her process, about the fact that:

“We didn’t want to simply apply lights and actual physical technology on me. We didn’t want it to be about the electronic screen or something that could turn on and off. We wanted it to be about the technology of thought, of application, of fabrication. The technology of the hand and the machine.”

AHEM, Zac Posen (Claire Danes). AHEM. Exactly.

So. It’s Hamilton. It’s beautifully cut trousers – clothing historically designed by a man, and through time and technology, repurposed for a woman. It’s a corset back – clothing historically worn by women, modernised by a tank top in the front. And these sleeves tucked out of an impeccably tailored jacket, over shoes she designed herself using a couple of brooches she found in her closet.

Come on!

Who else put this much thought into respecting the soul of the ACTUAL theme?

Click here to read SJP’s article in the NYT about her MET Gala design.

Everyone else just shows up without telling a story. SJP has decided that when she goes to the MET Gala, the narrative makes the clothes much more interesting. How could it be anyone else?

And PS. Although Duana is the most ardent Hamilton fan in our family, Hamilton is not what she observed when she first saw SJP walk onto the carpet. For her, it was Wildlings. In Game Of Thrones they have a very specific uniform, made from materials specific to their environment, adapted to their lifestyle. See? It’s more than just wearing a computer.