He lights up her life

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 4, 2011 15:33:19 October 4, 2011 15:33:19
I could totally picture her singing that to him...

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick attended The Friends In Deed benefit in New York last night at the American Museum of Natural History. As you can see, Matthew seemed unusually happy; his smile actually looks almost un-forced, and, as such, she is beaming beside him. Literally glowing. LOVE her hair. She looks great. She looks... validated? Too much Photo Assumption? Or just enough?

SJP’s current release, I Don’t Know How She Does It, has earned just over $9 million after two weeks. That’s not a good number. Her next release New Year’s Eve will no doubt earn much more at the box office, but, well, you’ve seen the trailer, right? She was so much better than this, you know. She really was. And that’s the sentiment that many of you have expressed. That SJP has let you down. That she was supposed to be better in her professional choices than Jennifer Aniston. And in not meeting those expectations, perhaps what’s most disappointing is that you wonder if she deserved those expectations at all.


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