No, Sarah Jessica Parker did not style her hair in honour of Carrie Fisher. Of course she didn’t. On a personal level, she thinks of herself as too creative to do a straight homage like that, is my personal opinion, and she wouldn’t want to be tied to it or invite the inevitable lazy ‘From one Carrie to another’ headlines that I may or may not have been guilty of just thinking up myself.

But you’d never know it because she would never outwardly say, “I have a pretty unique personal style.” She would pass it off, she would demur, she would be humble. 

Is it wrong to think that time has passed?

When her name was announced tonight as a nominee, her face was in her lap. She could not, would not, even smile into the camera like a person. Look up! Be present! If you think you didn’t deserve to be nominated, don’t submit yourself, but don’t act all ‘aww shucks oh little ME?’ about the whole thing when you know that on some level, you said you deserve to be here!

She’s always been like this, and to a person, everyone who’s ever met or worked with her agrees that she’s gracious and lovely and not egotistical and tantrum-y. But it’s enough already, it’s approaching the point where you think ‘hey SJP, if you feel that bad about your participation here, maybe you don’t want to show up next time?’

Maybe I’m too harsh. Maybe it’s personal. It took me so long to realize that being shy about work that needs to be recognized is unhelpful and unbecoming. That it is completely appropriate, when being celebrated by your peers, to smile and nod and say thank you. 

Anything else is totally outdated. Sarah Jessica is more than invited to Show Her Work