Sex & the City did a killer a box office this weekend, exceeding early projections. As one of the producers, SJP is on top of the world. And they are already talking sequel. Sigh.

Duana saw it last night and called it dress porn. Indeed, the fashion made you horny. For me, as previously mentioned, it was that studded belt. And what she wore to the rehearsal dinner. For everyone else, it was the wedding dress sequence.

But we all came out of there saying the same thing: she is much, much, much too thin.

Du took it a step further, ruminating on the state of SJP’s marriage, positing that “no straight man can possibly still be happy curled up next to that shrivelled bag of bones night after night after all these years.”

My husband would agree. When you get older, he says, you need some meat to keep it warm.

Here’s Sarah Jessica Parker, triumphant on the carpet last night but skinny as sh*t. Am all over the booties. I might be able to stop eating for those white booties too. As for the dress, hopefully she’s the first to wear it…you’ve heard about the drama with Nina Ricci, right?

Seriously… how did Olivier Theyskens f*ck up so large?

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