Sarah Jessica Parker brought her girls Marion and Tabitha along as she walked James Wilkie – not James, but James Wilkie – to school this morning. They’re cute, non? And they look like their brother. Nose and mouth especially.

After several months of downtime, SJP will soon begin work on two projects. The first is New Year’s Eve from the same people who brought us Valentine’s Day. So. You know.

The other feature is I Don’t Know How She Does It, based on the novel by Allison Pearson. I read this book years ago. Hated it. So much. Because it’s sexist. And dumb. And, frankly, really f-cking insulting. Especially the ending. The ending made me want to self-harm.

Of course it’s SJP who comes along to glamourise Kate Reddy’s dumbassness. Great. Or… maybe not. When I hate a book, I generally don’t mind the movie. Devil Wears Prada is a good example. I Am Number Four might be one too.

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