Sarah Jessica Parker is currently travelling through Asia for Artistry on Ice. So at first I thought Artistry on Ice, like, it couldn’t be figure skating, right? What could SJP possibly be doing on a figure skating tour? Probably jewellery, has to be jewellery.


Turns out it really is figure skating:

“ARTISTRY on ICE, China’s own world class figure skating brand, created by SECA Ltd., China Skating Association and Amway Artistry has achieved phenomenal success through the perfect combination of sports, art and entertainment.

On September 4, 2010, the first ARTISTRY on ICE was held in the Capital Indoor Stadium in Beijing. Using the theme of “Love & Beauty”, the show opened with Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo’s wedding ceremony on ice and has charmed the audience into loving the elegance and visual beauty of figure skating. Figure skating world champions, Evgeny Plushenko, Alexei Yagudin, Stéphane Lambiel, Johnny Weir, Mao Asada, Joannie Rochette, Pang Qing and Tong Jian and Chinese singer Zhang Liangying and violinist Lv Siqing joined the event. The show has since then ignited ardent interest in figure skating nationwide.

THEME Art & City In Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo leading the figure skating world champions Hollywood super star, Sexy and City leading actress, Sarah Jessica Parker, as the VIP GUEST Stars from New York, Tokyo, Moscow, Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei will bring you a modern vision show. That’s ARTISTRY on ICE 2011.”

Is that press release as funny to a non-Asian as it is to an Asian? Vegas is nothing to an Asian spectacular.

As for SJP – so they paid her what must have been an enormous amount of money to go cheese it up over in China, can we agree on that? Here she is at the press conference in Taipei the other day, and then at the airport on Monday, with James Wilkie, heading for Beijing. I love the yellow dress that’s happening under the jumper. I also love the jumper. And the shoe combination she’s paired with it even though I normally don’t like snakey print accessories. This, to me, is a lot more exciting than the fancy dress. Not that the fancy dress isn’t nice too. It’s just... not all that exciting, and, frankly, not something I thought I’d see her in. Ashley Greene, sure. SJP? But it’s so ... boring?

So about that Halston situation – you hear about this? That she’s no longer with Halston Heritage and neither is Harvey Weinstein and it’s a detail they just decided to slip in super under the radar in her Vogue cover piece? It’s literally half a sentence in the article – click here if you’ve not read it – and other than that, there’s been no official announcement, no statement, nothing.

What’s with the shady shakeup? Apparently the label was cash challenged. May be sold again soon. Which, I guess, means that her involvement and investment, creatively at least, wasn’t as fruitful as they’d originally planned. There was some talk last year that she was in over her head as president. Sounds like a scale-back in her schedule and commitments wasn’t a bad idea. Waving at Asians is a lot easier. And probably more lucrative.

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