SJP stepped out today in NYC, also wearing sunglasses, but with her umbrella tucked into her bag. I’m going to start doing this in Vancouver. Walk around when it rains, so like every day starting very soon, in sunglasses. See if people look at me like I’m an asshole. More so than usual.

LOVE this little errand outfit. Am trying to tell if these shoes are suede. That’s another thing about living in Vancouver. Suede shoes must be very carefully and selectively worn. I just bought a pair of suede booties that I have to pound the sh-t out of for the next couple of weeks or so before the rains come because otherwise, they might not get worn.

Anyway, as you know, SJP’s latest movie, I Don’t Know How She Does It, ended up being a critical and a commercial flop. The reviews were atrocious. The result at the box office was sh-tty too. Some people think it’s because women are too busying doing it to watch another woman play how she does it in a movie. I buy that. I also buy that some women, and I wonder if this would include Tina Fey, don’t think this should be a conversation anymore.

As it relates to Sarah Jessica Parker though, this is the second movie in a row, third if you ask me because I thought the first Sex & The City movie was sh-t too, where she hasn’t been able to resonate with a fanbase that pretty much supported her for an entire decade, whether you agree with the substance of that resonance or not. It could very well be a simple answer: Carrie Bradshaw fatigue. But I wonder if it isn’t something else.

There was a very famous article that was written a few years ago called the SJP Divide about how women love her and men can’t stand her. It was true, then. Jezebel argued that women’s declaration of SJP’s attractiveness is a defiant rejection of a the man’s standard of conventional beauty. In doing so then, women were demanding independence from the prison of having to live up to what men find sexy - tits, ass, straight noses, and everything in the pages of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

Somewhere along the way though, there seems to be much less of a rally around SJP and whatever it was that made women so protective of her. That’s more than just Carrie Bradshaw and a tv show. What happened in three short years? Thoughts? Do you still love her? Do you love her less? And why or why not?

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