And soooo much better than that drag queen wedding dress from last week. SPOILER - LOOK AWAY IF YOU MUST!!!

Turns out that scene was apparently from a dream sequence so the initial character assumption that Carrie is not the marrying kind is intact. Having said that… is the plot really relevant? The perfect ending came with the series – this film therefore is essentially a movie magazine. Vogue on Celluloid. Period.

As such, though not for everyone, probably not for most, this ensemble here has to be my favourite so far.

First of all 1985 was a great year in gossip. It was the year of Like a Virgin. The Material Girl married Sean Penn in Malibu and told the paps to F&CK OFF in the sand. It was the year of Live Aid and Whitney Houston and New Coke and Out of Africa.

Next…SJP looks great as a brunette with skinny ass legs to pull off that pattern and those shoes. My loins, those shoes…

Most importantly though – they say a woman over a certain age shouldn’t do or wear this and that. Who says what and why???

It’s really about the woman, non? Love her in these clothes. Love her way more like this than when she tries to rock Oscar de la Renta with her hair yanked back looking like Helen Gurley Brown.

Definitely my favourite from the film to date. And you?