Sarah Jessica Parker was on top of the Bloomingdale’s sign yesterday in New York for a photo shoot. It’s supposed to be for her shoe line. But she also Instagrammed this:



Which had everyone wondering whether or not it means there will be a third Sex And The City movie. E! News however has a statement from Warner Bros. The studio claims that SJP’s photo “is not in relation to the Sex And The City property”. So, basically, she’s using the Carrie Bradshaw persona to promote her shoes. I’m OK with that. In fact, I’m very OK with that. Because it means there are still no plans to make SATC 3. Which is excellent. Nobody’s asking for it. Unless…are you? Really?

You want Carrie and Big to have a baby?

You can’t just watch everyone around you have a baby?

The first movie was barely tolerable. The second movie was straight up objectionable. Would the third movie actually be a redemption?