Check out Sarah Jessica Parker's fanny pack last night. Matthew McConaughey made headlines a few weeks ago because he was wearing one at a baseball game, remember. Click here for a refresher. 

Someone's going to come in right now and be all like, Lainey, that's not a fanny pack, it's a waist pouch. Whatever. It's a fanny pack. It's just a CHANEL fanny pack as an accessory, not for function. Gucci did one of these in the early 2000s too, non? You into it?

Or, when a regular person who's not on a carpet puts it on does it look douchebaggy?

I'm still thinking about her cape from yesterday. Cara Delevingne and some other models and socialites have been wearing it too. It's the monogramming, obviously. Obsessed. And as already mentioned it's Burberry. $1400.

It's my birthday next week.