I have nothing else to say about Sarah Jessica Parker today in Germany promoting I Don’t Know How She Does It, ugh. Will save my thoughts about the book and the movie for another time. Right now, I just want to talk about this sweater and how much I love it. So much.

It’s not a groundbreaking sweater or anything. And it might not even be a real sweater since I only think that’s a tight knit and it may be something else. But the colour is beautiful against the blue of her skirt. And the shoulders are tricked out ever so slightly with the stones. And the black cuff of the sleeve is awesome. And it just fits so beautifully, sitting exactly just below her waist at the right spot. And it would probably shock you, the cost, for something so seemingly simple but I think if I ran into this sweater at a store and it fit me the way it fits her, it would be hard for me to walk away from it and not say f-ck it and go over my limit on my credit card, that’s how much I really, really want this sweater.

Photos from Wenn.com