The benefits that come with dating George Clooney make up a long, long list. Not even sure if there is a downside to dating George. Especially not if you’re Sarah Larson, who was once a glorified gambling escort in Vegas, with a rather tawdry past, and who now has a front row seat at the Oscars on the arm of Hollywood’s reigning monarch.

What’s great about Sarah though is that she’s not greedy. She is not pushing George for a ring, an engagement, an announcement…none of the things guaranteed to make him bolt. Instead Sarah is playing it much more pragmatically.

An apartment, that’s for sure. Hell, I’d take an apartment over a bauble too. There is equity in property. Being a homeowner sets you up way better than having a diamond.

So now that accommodations have been taken care of, Sarah is smartly looking at her career. She wants to model, you see? And at 29…well, suffice to say, without the influence of her beau, she’s not exactly threatening Coco Rochas, you know what I mean?

With George however it’s a different story. Sarah will be featured in several editorials and she walked the runway yesterday during LA Fashion Week for Ashley Paige. Not that LA fashion week is Paris. Or New York. Or London. Or Milan.

But then again, Sarah’s other gift is that she knows never to overreach. In the same way that she will never force George to propose, she also recognises that she is, at best, LA runway material only.

LA Fashion Week to Paris Fashion Week is like TV to major motion pictures.

If only Sarah could teach Shelf Ass Jessica Biel a few lessons, we’d all be rid of yet another tv girl trying to bust it in the movies.