Now this has elegant written all over it.

But what’s a girl to do? Especially when her meal ticket packs her up in the middle of the night and tells her to get the f&ck out?

Sarah Larson is a scrappy girl. Having worked the scene in Vegas for years, she is resourceful, she is determined, and best of all, given what she’s accomplished already, she also has no shame. So in today’s D List reality – as MTV continues to rape the definition of celebrity – a newly single Sarah is perfect.

But the journey ahead will be a challenge. Having tasted Super Elite A List fame, the poor girl will now be spending the rest of her life trying to climb back up. It’s a daunting task…starting this week with a return to Los Angeles – shopping, walking, posing – Sarah has joined the working class. This is the famewhore job description.

Yesterday though, well, yesterday Sarah took it to a whole new level. Almost an Ebola level.

You see, she met with designer Christian Audigier to show him her portfolio and invited the paps to come along with her. Then she thought it would be a good idea to have a few photos taken lying back on the couch to show Christian and everyone else the extent of her talent. Christian seemed to be very impressed.

Gisele who??? Stam who??? Coco who???

This is what modeling is all about, right?

As for those reports that George dumped her because she did up her tits – this came from In Touch Weekly. The current cover of In Touch Weekly says that Angelina is “pushing Brad away just before the birth”.


Seriously… can we please PLEASE stop referencing In Touch stories?

George Clooney did not walk out because of fake tits. George Clooney dated Krista Allen!!! Why the f&ck would George Clooney care if Sarah Larson got implants???

You already know why George Clooney is no longer with Sarah Larson. You already know and it was exclusive. That’s all.

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