Sarah McLachlan’s first new album in 7 years Laws of Illusion drops next Tuesday June 15th. It’s a week of heavy promotion leading up to the release including an appearance on Letterman tonight which is why she was spotted at Vancouver airport yesterday with her first daughter heading for New York. She looks amazing, non? I have met Sarah on several occasions. She’s the loveliest, loveliest, and lovelier in person. As for those who’ve been asking – she and Brett Wilson ended their relationship just before the Olympics.

It’ll be a busy summer ahead for Sarah and her girls. Starting June 27th, Sarah will be headlining Lilith Fair. Ummm....

Have you seen the artist list for Lilith Fair??? Click here. The names are ridiculous. I almost can’t believe all of them, ALL OF THEM, and for one event. And there will be a travelling nursery yes, which works out well for Sheryl Crow because she just brought home a new baby. I’ll be covering Lilith Fair in Vancouver on Canada Day July 1. Click here for dates and tickets. Can’t wait.

Exclusive photos from PUNKD Images