Sarah Michelle Gellar’s new show The Ringer has been picked up. It was originally made for CBS. Following the Upfronts, it’s now confirmed that the show will air in the Fall on Tuesdays at 9pm on the CW. (CBC and Warner Bros each own 50% of the CW.) Apparently Les Moonves called SMG a week ago and told her about his idea. Makes sense to me. Her demo is more CW. And it feels like CBS is for old people. Also, shows get some grace on the CW. To grow and develop. The main networks can be quick to axe.

Anyway, whatever, the point is Buffy is coming back to TV. I know there are A LOT of you who are Buffy fans and, like, go to the musicals or whatever. So you will support her, right? You will be watching? Come on, I think I’ll even be watching at the beginning. There’s something about her new tone that I really like. Not so far up her own ass? She gave an interview to the NY Post, to me sounds genuinely humble and grateful:

“It’s funny, now I think I can appreciate (how Buffy affected people) in a way I didn’t understand when it was happening to me. Like, I really am a walking cliché just in terms of everything I learned. Don't get me wrong, I always appreciated when someone told me that, but in hindsight -- and as I was looking for a new show -- I understood it more than ever. I finally grasp, generationally, what we did and how we changed the face of television, I’m so proud. I’m so proud.

I went back and forth – ask anyone, I backed out (of The Ringer) so many times. But I had never seen anything like this. When you have a fanbase like I do because of “Buffy,” I owe them something that’s worthy because they’re smart. They don’t want the average show. I couldn’t get this script out of my head. And the way it all came to fruition – the cast & crew is a set of moms & dads -- has been a really different experience. I feel like if I’m going to juggle being a mom & an actor, this is how I can do it.”

Really like the part about owing Buffy fans something smart. Maybe it’s just lipservice but I wonder if people don’t do that enough anymore, take responsibility for the quality of what they put in front of their fans. Some people, it’s obvious. They DON’T GIVE A SH-T.

You know who doesn’t give a sh-t?

Katherine Heigl.

I’ve never seen the movie Killers starring Heigl and Ashton Kutcher. But a colleague of mine was telling me about watching it on a plane. And when did she turn it off? When Heigl and Kutcher were getting shot at, like with machine guns and such, and she took that opportunity to tell him that she wanted to “talk about our relationship”. How do you read that script and say, sure, I’ll make this movie? Jesus. There is very little professional self-respect happening there. None.

Click here to read more of SMG’s interview with the NY Post. Teaser trailer for The Ringer is below:

Attached – Sarah Michelle Gellar at the CW Up Fronts yesterday.

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