I was never a Buffy fan. Stop yelling at me. Duana was. And like many Buffy devotees, there's a soft spot I think in her heart for Sarah Michelle Gellar in the same way that there's a soft spot in mine for Shannen Doherty. The similarities don't end there. Rumours have circulated for years that SMG is a major bitch.

But that was a long time ago. A child ago. She's a mother now. To baby Charlotte. And we're not allowed to say that ladies who have babies are bitches. What I will say then is that SMG doesn't seem to be using her baby to make her relevant again. Jessica Alba is photographed several times a week with her kid. SMG is hardly spotted out with her daughter. So far.

After a rather unremarkable foray into film, Sarah was supposed to make a tv comeback. Smart. Go back to where it works. Some girls are meant for tv only. It's a realistic, clever decision to stay there. And Sarah had a pilot, The Wonderful Mala-somethings, that was pitched to HBO. Last I heard it kinda stalled. Freddie Prinze Jr meanwhile had been guesting on 24 for a few eps. I also saw him here in Vancouver last year working on a project of his own. Not really sure what happened with it.

The happy happy vanilla response to that is to say that they must be so content to stay at home with the child - oh the joys!

The other way of looking at it is to wonder about Buffy residuals. I'd be surprised if she doesn't receive any. And they're probably very very sweet.


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