As previously mentioned, numerous times, I never got into Buffy. But I know that for many of you, including Duana, Buffy was love. Last year I found out there are, like, Buffy sing-a-longs, or something, at Comic-Con. Don’t lie. You would totally go. In this spirit of Buffy devotion, there’s a lot affection out there for Sarah Michelle Gellar. She’s kept it low for a few years. Had a baby, had a few projects that never really took off, but now she’s back. For television. In a show people seem excited about. It’s pilot season!

Here’s SMG with baby Charlotte – cute boots! (on the baby, I mean) – in New York to shoot the first episode of Ringer. She will play Bridget and Siobhan, twin sisters. Siobhan is dead. Bridget, who’s on the run from danger, always danger, assumes her life. But it turns out the bad guys are after Siobhan too. And there are flashbacks. I like the concept of the show already based solely on the names they’ve chosen. Particularly Siobhan because, um, some people can’t spell it. OF COURSE they debate these kinds of things in the studio boardroom. Then again, maybe the studio has insisted on changing it by now. They send “notes”. The way the producer sounded in January though, it didn’t seem like they’d started messing with it yet. Click here to read more on Ringer.

As for SMG – I was never a fan before. There was an attitude. Some, er, unhealthy times. Little bit of overreaching. But then a new wave of twats took over and made her efforts modest in comparison. She also took a break for a while, reset and refocused, and the adjustments seem to be working. Am looking forward to her comeback.

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