If only.

Have you been watching The People v OJ Simpson? Duana wrote about it the other day – click here for a refresher. She told me a couple of weeks ago, “this show is so much better than it has any right to be”. As usual, she’s right. The show is SO f-cking good. And what a beautiful, unintended lead-in it had with Serial last year and Making A Murderer a few months ago, airing at a time when True Crime couldn’t be more popular. John Travolta is bonkers. Sterling K Brown is a revelation. And Sarah Paulson, well, Sarah Paulson is, actually, the f-cking greatest.

And she’s made me ashamed of my young self. Maybe some of you too? Because f-ck us for what we did to Marcia Clark. I was an ignorant piece of sh-t in my early 20s when the OJ trial was happening, even more than I am now. I didn’t like her tone, I didn’t like her style, and, like a stupid c-nt, I didn’t like her hair. The person I was then didn’t appreciate Marcia’s intelligence, assertiveness, ambition, and all-round general amazingness. The person I was then was a goddamn fool.

If I’d met Marcia Clark at 32 instead of 22, she would have been a hero to me. Marcia Clark was before my time, and that’s on me. But now Sarah Paulson is giving me a second chance at Marcia Clark. It could only ever be Sarah Paulson. Here she is yesterday at Colbert taking up all the Yes in a slashed black dress.