Evvverybody loves Sarah Paulson. You noticed?

I mean, there’s no reason not to love her. She’s awesome and a great actress, and she has been one of my red carpet favourites for the last couple of years – this Marc Jacobs isn’t my favourite thing she’s worn, but it’s totally nice (Lainey thinks it looks like Anne Hathaway’s copper column from the Globes in 2011).

What I have surmised, though, is that Sarah Paulson is a great friend. You might look at me and think there’s no way I could possibly know that, but you would be wrong. Tonight’s evidence alone is as follows:

1.     She kissed Amanda Peet on the red carpet. They canoodle on the carpet a lot, it’s kind of a thing – but it’s not something you do with someone you don’t love. It’s time for us all to dig up black market episodes of Jack & Jill (WB, 1999-2001) in which they starred together, huh?

2.     She was chatting away with Felicity Huffman when both their names were announced, and they barely broke stride, like whatever they were talking about was more important than which of them won. On some level they kind of hoped it was neither of them so they could keep talking.

3.     She said wonderful things about Ryan Murphy, as you do, because you want the world to know how wonderful your friend and colleague is, but…

4.     When American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson wins, she and Ryan Murphy basically do a casual, tossed-off kiss – not much more than a nod. Compare this with, say, Connie Britton, who comes up on stage and treats Sarah Paulson like a life preserver, clinging onto her long enough, even after someone’s started speaking, that you get the idea they knew what the other’s deodorant smelled like. Yes, different people are different, but Paulson and Ryan weren’t chilly – on the contrary, they looked like my friends and I do when we go out. We barely look at each other, we deal with everyone else – because the contract is to collect as much information as possible, and then discuss it in dirty detail when you’re on each other’s couches. I got the impression Murphy and Paulson might do that a lot. 

In fact, if Sarah Paulson loves a little bit of gossip on top of all the other ways she’s perfect, I don’t know how to process that level of perfection.