She is one of Canada’s brightest, most brilliant talents. And the last time she wrote and directed a movie it was nominated for awards everywhere, including Oscar. She’s now working on Take This Waltz (second Leonard Cohen reference today – huzzah!), a screenplay with so much potential it was included on that infamous Black List people keep talking about. They say it’s an amazing script. They say once again that Polley could be back at the Kodak. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Take This Waltz is now shooting in Toronto featuring a married woman (Michelle Williams) with a loving, lovely husband (Seth Rogen) and a pedestrian life and a complicated friendship and what happens when there’s more than one love without melodrama. If you’ve seen Away From Her you know Polley is great at character study and relationships. No, Take This Waltz will not suck.

Attached – Sarah Polley and the actors on set yesterday. Ay, ay, ay, ay.

Photos from INF