Sarah Polley

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 6, 2008 13:04:08 September 6, 2008 13:04:08

2:50 PM Eastern - Sarah Polley

"Saw Sarah Polley at 1450 at the AMC on Dundus and Yonge. She was waiting in the line for the toilet. She looked lovely in a red and white strapless dress with beautiful white sandals. She is very short, maybe five foot one. I unfortunately could not gain enough courage to say hello. I loved her in Road to Avonlea and she did a great job with Away from Her.

She left the bathroom and snuggled with a man that was maybe 5'6". I'm assuming its her husband.

This is my first celebrity sighting in the "wild", as my husband likes to say."

Submitted by Kim S.

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