Sarah Silverman and Michael Sheen are totally girlfriend-boyfriend. They were in New York this weekend walking hand in hand. Cute, right? She’s 43, he’s 45. She’s funny and smart and crass and SEXY as f-ck (she’s on Jacek’s Five List), and he’s funny and smart and talented, and maybe there’s some crass there that he hides behind his English accent. No matter. It’s a great hookup. I wish I’d thought of it first. To go from Jimmy Kimmel to Michael Sheen is definitely not a downgrade. To go from Rachel McAdams to Sarah Silverman isn’t one either.

Who do they remind you of? Like a future version of a younger couple…

Is it coming to you?

How about Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. RIGHT?!?

This is who they could be! This is how much cooler they could become!